Sheep & Goat Market

On Friday at the Mills Co. Commission Co. in Goldthwaite there were 1,989 head through the ring, down from the previous week’s 2,909. Light kids, slaughter nannies and medium-heavy Barbado lambs were steady to $5 higher; slaughter kids and wool lambs were $5 higher; replacement nannies were $10-$15 higher; and light Dorper lambs were $5 to $10 higher.

Wool lambs 50-70lbs brought $180-$235/cwt, 70-90lbs brought $150-$185 and 90-110lbs brought $130-$165/cwt. Slaughter ewes were $$60-$125 and bucks were $85-$125.

Dorper-Dorper Crosses

40-60lbs. $190-$250/cwtSlaughter Ewes $70-$120/cwt             60-75lbs. $175-$230/cwt               Slaughter Bucks $90-$130/cwt        75-90lbs. $150-$185/cwt  Replacement Ewes $150-$240/cwt

Barbado-Barbado Cross

35-50lbs. $190-$235/cwt   

50-70lbs $175-$230/cwt   

70-90lbs $150-$210/cwt      

Boer-Spanish Cross

30-45lbs. $270-$315/cwtSlaughter Nannies $85-$220/cwt    

45-60lbs. $270-$300/cwtSlaughter Billies $140-$225/cwt

60-70lbs. $240-$295/cwt

70-90lbs. $185-$265/cwt