Sales Tax Report Is In

A Yardstick for our local economy…

The State Comptroller has sent out checks to cities and counties in Texas for their part of the sales tax collected in local retail businesses in September and turned over to the state in October.

Lampasas’ check was for $142,403, up 8.35% from the same month last year. Healthy increases were common this year.

Kempner’s check was for $11,464, a huge 26.16% up.

Lometa’s check was for $6,199, also a healthy 8.92%.

San Saba saw a 7.88% increase, Burnet 6.89% up and in Copperas Cove it was 2.92% higher.

With healthy increases in our area, we wondered who the losers were. We found Gatesville down 4.45%, Brownwood down almost 15%, Brady down 17%, and most McClennan County cities. Statewide, it was almost a wash as far as rebate amounts were concerned.