Ain’t Life Wonderful!

As always with celebrations, it’s down to cleaning up the mess. Christmas wasn’t quite as big a deal this year. It was the off year with most of the kids somewhere else so Debbie and I got in the old motor home and headed to Fredericksburg.

It was about the same there as here. Most of the people you saw were doing their last minute Christmas Eve shopping and hurrying home to get it wrapped and under the tree. There were others, like us, that seemed to be just-visiting. We were looking at the lights and decorations and people-watching and it was a bit of a getaway for us.

After a stopover in the Lady Bird Johnson RV Park we headed back toward home and made it back Saturday night. Sunday it was Christmas presents and dinner at Andy’s, the lone son who was back in place for Christmas Day. After dinner, Grandpa’s missions turned to playing “horse” with granddaughter Ella, who promptly beat me – bad, then spending the rest of the afternoon helping grandson Garrett put his new boom-boom subs (radio speakers) in his pickup truck. Sigh! There are some duties for which grandpa still hasn’t been replaced.

Here’s hoping you had a good Christmas weekend. Now all we have to figure out what kind of sane, but fun, thing we can do for New Year’s. We’re rootin’ for ya’.                 RW