Christmas Shopping Continues As Time Grows Short

Just a couple of days left to get those last minute Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. Local shoppers are busy with their mission to finish up and get everything under the tree, and stores are watching close to make sure they are a helpful part of that task.


Someone at ACE Hardware said that they had a Big Black Friday and hoped that this last few days were busy. Jim Rutland of Rutland’s Fashion and Western Wear said that sales were generally about the same as last year, though the sudden cold weather last week did sell some extra coats.


Shawn Smith at Coming Home Furniture and Gifts said that Christmas sales were up this year over last, and that they had a good turnout for their Annual 12 Hour Sale on Wednesday.

Robert Kilpatrick at the HEB Grocery said the Christmas dinner fixin’s such as turkey and cranberry and the like are going great, but that Boston Butts and Briskets are also having a run. (Someone said they use Boston Butts to make Christmas tamales?)