Ain’t life wonderful?

Word From the Panhandle is...            “It’s really cold here and it’s headed your way.”

It dropped down to 0° and below in some spots in central and southern Colorado this morning, and as the cold front races toward us, the Panhandle City of Amarillo was feeling it fast. At 7:30am this morning we got a report that it had dropped from the 40s to the upper teens within an hour or so, and it was down to the low and mid teens soon after. Tonight, they’re forecasting 3° with 100% chance of some precipitation…b-r-r!

One report had it that the Starbucks there was serving coffee on a stick to their morning customers!

A dairy farm in Oklahoma reports their early morning milking was getting ice cream. The Brown Swiss cows were best. Ever had Swiss Chocolate ice cream?

And, there’s the one about the people in the piano bar in Denver that stayed too late last night. They got snowed in and the furnace went out so they chopped up the piano for firewood. Unfortunately they only got two chords.

Just one more…up in Boulder, the college town, there was a brave streaker running across campus. He froze in mid-streak and it was so cold that campus cops couldn’t do much. They stuck a plaque on him figuring everybody would think he was a Greek statue.

I’m sorry…this is pretty bad.

Anyway, it’s gonna get really cold out here at the El Rancho Notso Grande tonight. I gotta go cut some firewood. Funny thing, I bought my wife a new lightweight Stihl chain saw for her birthday and she hadn’t seemed inclined to use it this year like I hoped she would. I thought it would be somethin’ different from the shiny non-stick fryin’ pan kind-of-thing I got her last year. That didn’t work out well either. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand women.

Oh well, I hope you can find your long johns. They’re prob’ly somewhere in the bottom drawer of your dresser where your wife hid ‘em last spring. Get ‘em on and pull your old army surplus wooly earflaps cap on and you’re ready for Sunday morning. We’re rootin’ for ya!      RW