Man Jailed for Car Theft, Burglary

At 11:50pm on Wednesday Kempner Police pulled over a 2015 Ford Focus for a traffic violation. Upon initiating contact withthe driver of the vehicle the officer saw that the vehicle had a broken window, and records showed the vehicle was owned by Outreach Health Services at 1305 S. Key in the Goodwin-Bumpus building. The driver was identified as Richard Adames, 23, of Lampasas.

Upon further investigation, the Lampasas Police Dept. located broken glass in the door of the Goodwin-Bumpus building and found that at least three offices inside the building had been burglarized. Adames had property in his possession and in the vehicle, that had come from inside the building, including the vehicles keys.

Adames was transported to the Lampasas County Jail by a Lampasas county sheriff’s deputy and charged with unauthorized use of a motorized vehicle and burglary of a building, both state jail felonies.