Local School Sports

The 8th grade A team girls basketball lost to Salado yesterday in a hard fought game, falling behind 23-30 by the end. The girls were ahead 15-11 at halftime but couldn’t overcome mistakes in the second half and things went downhill a bit. The high scorers were LeAnn Parker with 7, Rachel Romo with 6 and both Frederia Fluker and Avery Hamrick had 4.

The 8th grade B lost 9-37, struggling throughout the game. The 7th B won their game 19-11 with lots of hustle and defense. Leaders were Brooke Burns with 7, Brianna Alexander with 4, Arelis Ortiz and Bella Bertrand had 3. The 7th A team was awesome, in the words of Coach Christy Wiley. They beat Salado 38-27, jumping out front early and never looking back or letting up. Kharis Castenada had 12 points, Laurcy Bender had 11, Cobie Chandler 6 and Kyliegh Ball 5.

Middle School Boys Basketball saw the 7th grade B team win over Salado 30-28 in a close one. It went back and forth with the so-farunbeaten local boys finishing on top. Leading scorers were Cooper Greiner with 9 points, Cooper Harrison with 5 and Hunter Biddy and Michael Neary both getting 4 points. They are coached by Chris Munoz. The likewise unbeaten 7th grade A team beat Salado 32-26 for their 4th win. High pointer was Bobby Millican with 9, Case Brister had 8 and Dax Brookreson had 5 points.