County Commissioners

Lampasas County Commissioners met this morning at 9am in a regular session. In addition to some routine items, the Commissioners voted on a resolution that declares the “Opposition of any diversion of existing County revenue to any other government entity.” That turned out to be a resolution brought forward by new District Clerk Cody Reed. It seems that the District Clerk’s office, like other such offices around the state, are concerned about an online service that is selling copies of court documents. Those court documents are usually provided by the Clerk’s office – for a fee. Those fees would be lost income to the office if lawyers or other private entities could purchase them online. Reed said it was not just the loss of income, but that documents through his office can be certified – those purchased online are not. Commissioners voted unanimously to support the resolution.

In another matter, which brought mild complaint from the court, County Auditor Chris Munn said that he still did not have payroll adjustment calculations made that would properly adjust the County’s budget. The problem came up with Munn’s previous calculations on payroll adjustments for the new year. The Commissioners had a policy in place on pay raises for certain employee longevity situations and although it was understood properly by Human Resources Director Dorothy Person, it was misunderstood by Munn, who is responsible for balancing the budget. After a special meeting between those concerned, a firm agreement was made on how the matter was to be handled. Commissioners and County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse fully expected the County Auditor to have the budget item corrected by the meeting, and were disappointed when it wasn’t. Judge Boultinghouse commented on the importance of getting it finished and questioned why it wasn’t. Munn replied, “What difference does it make?”, pointing to the fact that everyone was paid on time and there were no problems. Boultinghouse replied that, “We are already three months into the new budget year!...”

The conversation continued along those lines for a time.

Other discussion included a proposal to repair pavement and restripe courthouse are parking places. Commissioner Lindeman questioned the reasoning since it was done in 2015 and doesn’t need it yet. The reasoning seemed to have to do with a new fire truck that needed a wider fire lane. The court took no action on the matter, pending further investigation.

Yet another matter had to do with uniforms for precinct workers. Commissioners complained about the current company and voted to discontinue their contract with that one and take up a new contract with a different company after a 90 day period.

And, the Precinct Barn at Nix which included a small plot of land and a metal equipment storage building, has been sold. It was sold through a little-advertised public auction on Dec. 2nd to Michael Owens, who owns the adjacent property. The price for the building and land was $19,000.

Other notes from County Judge Boultinghouse included the new lift on the burn ban until at least December 19th, and a personal caution to the audience that they should wear long sleeves and sunscreen. It came to mind because he has recently had removal of a couple of lesions from his arms and knows the seriousness of ignoring warnings on skin care.

Lampasas City Council will meet at 5:30pm today for a special session in Council chambers. They’ll discuss real property purchase/valuation, and then take possible action in a special session afterward. In a workshop session they’ll discuss the sign ordinance and funding capital projects.

In regular session at 7pm the Council will discuss a wine-tasting event at the City Library, an appeal of a sign permit from Benny Boyd CDJ in reference to their sign at 601 N. Key. They’ll also discuss more work on the Old City Hall building, that purchase of the $143 thousand bathroom for Turner Field, and a possible award of a bid to HDR Engineering for a new water storage tank.

Kempner City Council will meet on Tuesday at 7pm in their Council Chamber in City Hall. On their agenda is the presentation of a rifle to the Police Department there, action on a COPSYNC proposal, a look at the new Police Dept. Manual progress, and acceptance of the resignation on one of their Council members, Robert Stafford – Place 1.