Election Results

The unofficial results of Tuesday’s election indicate that in the race for President, 78.18% of Lampasas County residents voted for the Trump/Pence team, while 18.15% voted for the Clinton/
Kaine team.

In the United States Representative District 25 race, Roger Williams received 78.83% of the vote, and Kathi Thomas 17.66%. In the State Representative District 54 race, Scott Cosper had
81.16% of the vote, and Sandra Blankenship had 20.28%. In the race for State Senator, Dawn Buckingham received 81.16% of the vote in Lampasas County, and Virginia “Jennie Lou” Leeder
received 18.84% of the vote. In the highly contested District Clerk race, Cody Reed received
69.76% of the vote, and Edith Wagner Harrison had 30.24% of the vote.