Lampasas School Board

Lampasas ISD Trustees met last evening with a full house of mostly teachers in the audience.

They were there out of concern for a resolution that would request the Texas Education Agency’s blessing on Lampasas ISD becoming a “District of Innovation.”

Dr. Chane Rascoe explained that such a designation could allow Lampasas some extra “local control” on some of its operations. He seemed most concerned about the possibility of starting school a week earlier in August. He explained that schools in Texas may not begin classes earlier than the 4th Monday in August, yet with the requirements for annual classroom hours, he believed that Lampasas schools would wind up having to continue into June to complete those requirements.

School Districts that are designated as Districts of Innovation are granted the same leeway in these and other matters as the open enrollment “Charter schools” and could start classes a week or so earlier.

There are a number of other options open to the Innovation Districts, and some of them might not be favored by the community at large, or by the teachers.

Because of that, in order to make the leap, there is a requirement that a committee be set up to decide what options the District might want to take. The committee would present the option list, then the site committee andboard would have to approve it, and the request could be made.

Teachers present at the meeting were most concerned with the makeup of the 15 member committee the administration was suggesting. It was pointed out that there were only three teachers in the 15, and that two of the district’s schools weren’t even represented.  

After some discussion, two of the administrators’ names were removed and two teachers added to the list, and the proposal to move forward was approved by the board.