Sheep & Goat Market

On Friday at the Mills Co. Commission Co. in Goldthwaite there were 1,823 head through the ring,  down from last week’s 1,825.

Slaughter Nannies and light kids were $5 higher. 
Replacement Nannies and slaughter kids were $5-$10 higher. Wool lambs were steady to $5 higher, and Dorper Lambs were $5-$15 higher.

Wool lambs

50-70lbs $165-$225/cwt.                  Slaughter Ewes $35-90/cwt

70-90lbs $140-$200/cwt. Bucks$80-120/cwt

90-110lbs $130-$165/cwt.

Dorper-Dorper Cross

40-60lbs. $190-$255cwt Slaughter Ewes $60-$115/cwt            

60-75lbs. $170-$240/cwt Slaughter Bucks $85-$125/cwt       

75-90lbs. $140-$200/cwt Replacement Ewes $140-$27500/                                               

Replacement Bucks $200-$350/head

Barbado-Barbado Cross

35-50lbs. $180-$240/cwt  

50-70lbs $160-$230/cwt   

70-90lbs $140-$200/cwt      

Boer-Spanish Cross

30-45lbs. $200-$240/cwt Slaughter Nannies $70-$170/cwt

45-60lbs. $210-$245/cwt Slaughter Billies $135-$210/cwt

60-70lbs. $170-$240/cwt

70-90lbs. $155-$230/cwt