LCRA Hands Out Grants

Lometa’s Regional Park is getting some new handicapped accessible bleachers, along with more water and electric hookups, thanks to a $25,000 grant from the LCRA and Hamilton County Electric. The check was handed over yesterday by Steve Dyer, LCRA’s governmental
affairs representative, pictured far left below.


Beside Dyer, l-r are Walter Ruzicka, Lometa Lions Club tail twister; Cynthia Kirby, Lometa Mayor; George Russell, LCRA Board member; Mel Landers, Lions Club president; Lori Berger,
LCRA Board member; Susan Hines, grant writer; John Hines, Lions Club VP; and Barbara
Barker, Lions Club VP.

Also getting a grant was Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office. This one was less, $4,678, but it will pay for a new backup radio system for the local S.O. The grant was from the LCRA and its  biggest customer here, the City of Lampasas. Pictured below with the big check are Steve Dyer, LCRA; Jess Ramos, Lampasas County Sheriff; Mark Avila, S.O. Sergeant; Lori Berger, LCRA Board Member; and George Russell, also a Board Member.