Commissioners Approve New County Brush/Rescue Truck

Lampasas County Commissioners agreed to a proposal from Volunteer Fireman Randy Lake Straley this morning that will see the County putting up some $200,000 for the County Volunteer Fire Dept.’s new Brush/Rescue truck. The County Auditor, Chris Munn, told the court that the vehicle price tag is about $263 thousand, but there are private funds and some county money already in the deal, and there is a grant in the works from the Texas Forest Service that will pay $200 thousand. The problem is that the vehicle must be purchased first, then the Forest Service will reimburse the $200 thousand. Commissioners agreed to put in the up front money.

In another matter, Verizon, the cell phone company, requested permission to put up a 300 ft. self supporting tower in the east end of the county, at 288 CR 3210. Commissioners agreed to that proposal, as well as a proposal from Corix water suppliers to install a 2 inch water line along CR 2337, and another proposal from Commissioner Lowell Ivey to hire some part time help for a time while some of his regular employees were taking “use it or lose it” leave time.