Ain’t Life Wonderful?

by: Ronnie Witcher

I like the morning – early morning – before sunup. That’s when it’s best, especially in the country. When I got up this morning and went out in the front yard to do what most guys do early in the morning when they’re out in the country and it’s dark and there’s nobody around… it was nice.

Out on the El Rancho Notso Grande the sun was just a glow below the horizon in the eastern sky, the solar lights scattered around the yard had lost their spitz and most were completely out – the others were just a faint glow. Still, there was enough light from the house windows that I could make my way around in my houseshoes. The neighbor’s rooster was crowing in the distance and I looked that way, where their night light glowed. I thought about the fourpullets my wife had brought home not long ago and walked around the house to the back where the chicken house sat. I didn’t get much around the corner when (flash!@#$%^) the motion sensing spotlight came on and scared the begeezus out of me.

Man!, I hope that thing scares possums, it sure got my attention! I gotta do something about all this light-especially now, when these LED bulbs are out and it’s cheap to burn the electric lights all you want to. We’re not gonna’ have any dark; people will just keep the lights on outside all the time. Uh-oh, I just remembered…it’s almost Christmas and the lights are all about to come on. H-m, I don’t wanna’ be a Grinch or anything but..can we at least wait until December? The wife has an old footlocker full of Christmas lights and I’m holdin’ my breath. She’ll be draggin’ ‘em out soon.

Seriously, can I gripe? Used too, you could look up in the sky and wonder at the stars. How far is heaven? Wonder what they call that bright one over there? I can see the dippers OK but, how do they get a lion out of that other one. Did you ever notice that the outside of the cup on the big dipper always points at the tip of the little dipper’s handle...the north star?  Well, point is, it’s kinda’ hard to even see the stars if you live in town.

So, I guess that’s why I like the country…out here on the ol’ El Rancho Notso.. it’s still dark most nights – at least, after the solar lights run down.

Have a good day, and look up at the stars tonight – if you can. We’re rootin’ for ya’.    Rw