Commissioners Approve Pay Policy Glitch Repair

Lampasas County Commissioners met this morning, primarily to address complications in their non exempt pay plan implementation.

The problems seem to have come from a pay plan that awarded employees an annual cost of living increase plus step increases for each five years of service with the award coming on the employee’s job anniversary date.  In both cases, one can easily see that it matters which was granted first. Other complications include the fact that when a 1.5% pay increase is awarded, the resulting salary may no longer fit into a familiar salary level, so some corrections to policy and procedures had to be made.

The complex pay policies are generally under the care of Dorothy Person, the Human Resources Director, but all of these new adjustments were made by a committee composed ofDorothy, County Auditor Chris Munn, and Commissioners Lowell Ivey and Bobby Carroll.

Other matters attended to in Commissioners Court included the adjustment and approval of a policy for utility placement disruptions on county roads, and the canvassing of the November 8th election results.