District Court Oct. 28th

 District Judge John Gauntt's court in Lampasas last Friday saw twenty eight cases before the bench.  There were fifteen cases involving drugs, one DWI, and two theft of livestock.

Nineteen  cases were reset for various reasons, and one was dismissed.

Osbaldo Kancheff was fined $3000 dollars plus court costs with 30 days to pay in a local Cockfighting case. 

Kerry Watkins was sentenced to 10 yrs in TDCJ with credit for time served for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.   For possession of a controlled substance of more than 1 but  less than 4 grams, Mary Stacey was given five years deferred adjudication plus court costs and a $1000 fine, along with the terms and conditions on a previous Williamson County Probation order. Johnathan Coffman was given 8 years deferred adjudicated probation plus court costs and attorney fees for failing to register as a sex offender.

Michael Kuhl, received a suspended sentence of ten yearsplus ten years probation in two separate cases, and Jesse Cruz had his two year sentence probated as well. Carmen Hutton was sentenced to a saf-p facility then 5 years adjudicated probation.