City Council Works On Funding Improvements

The City of Lampasas has recently received its funds from certificates of obligation borrowing that are meant for capital improvement projects. The funds are headed for the Tex Pool investment funds where they’ll be earning upwards of $119/day until the funds begin to be withdrawn to pay for the projects.

The biggest draw from the funds is going to be for the re-construction of the Old City Hall building. Work is ongoing there now, with a recent demolition project having just been completed by the RKJ Construction Co. Last night it was agreed that the same company, RKJ, would likely get the nod for the installation of a new elevator there. Other money projects include the general approval for a $350-$400 thousand construction job on a utility department building, an $18.50/ft bid to Canales Dibble Construction for curbing projects, and for a $143 thousand bathroom. The bathroom project, that is to cost more than many of us paid for our home, is to be located at the Turner Field Baseball Park. The bathroom is to somewhat of a prefab project, built by a firm at Marble Falls. The City hopes to purchase more bathrooms from the same company for other parks, but this one is said to be needed immediately.

Council members also agreed to a proposed Letter of Understanding to be presented to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It would see the continuation of the leasing of the Hostess House to the “Daughters” with some stipulations whereby the City would pay for some facility improvements and the Daughters would furnish maintenance, etc. in exchange for the use of the building.

It was learned that the problem with skaters and bicyclers in the downtown area, as well as around the City Library, continues. Police Chief Tim Angermann reported that they have issued tickets to the law-breakers, but appears to doubt that it is having much effect so far. The Council broadened the ban on skaters to include the area around the library.