Badgers get whacked

In a 42-6 shellacking, the Burnet Bulldogs shoved the Lampasas Badgers into the District 13 4A cellar. To make it all worse the team that Lampasas meets next week, China Springs, beat Liberty Hill 42-10 last night, proving that they are indeed the number two team in the district. Lampasas chances of upsetting them next week appear pretty dim.

In last night’s game the Badger offense,  puzzling as it seems, could not get it together. The same Badger offense, last week, scored more points on district leader LaVega than any team had scored all year. Against Burnet, it was a story of interceptions, bumbles, and penalties, capped off by a defense that seemed impossibly unable to hold up against Burnet’s passing game.

So, for another year, Lampasas will have to bow and surrender to Burnet the Hwy 281 rivalry crown.

Last chance to redeem itself-the Badgers are at home next Friday against high rolling China Springs (8-1).