Metroplex and Rollins Brook Hospitals Raise Tech Bar

In these days when we see news stories about self-driving cars and facial recognition security we wonder what's coming up next. A news release from Metroplex Health System offers thisbit of info about their newest technology:

PatientSecure, a device that images veins in the hand, is now being used to register and identify patients at Metroplex Adventist and Rollins Brook Community Hospitals, part of the Adventist Health System.

The PatientSecure device uses infrared light to scan the palm, then links the unique biometric trait to each patient’s electronic health record.

“Using biometric identification helps us ensure the privacy of our patients,” said Carlyle Walton, president and CEO of Metroplex Health System. “It also improves convenience and enhances record accuracy by preventing duplications.”

In addition, if a patient is unconscious or unable to communicate and without ID, PatientSecure can be a lifesaving tool that quickly identifies the individual and opens their electronic health record with crucial information.