Red Ribbon Week

Lampasas ISD is participating in Red Ribbon Week this week. Each October Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)., along with law enforcement and other agencies participate in Red Ribbon Week, encouraging students to have a life that is drug free. Lampasas ISD gets students involved by having crazy, zany days to stress a drug free life. 

Current estimates show that more than 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon Events each year. The first national Red Ribbon Week was started in 1988. Events like Red Ribbon week and involvement by parents lowers the chances of a child trying drugs for the first time.

Some statistics about drug use among the young people of our nation:

-Teens who are exposed to events like Red Ribbon week are 30% less likely to have used drugs in the last year.    

-The average age of using an illegal drug for the first time has risen from 13 to 14 over the last decade.

-10.6% of kids ages 12-17 admit to being current illicit drug users.

-High school seniors are the most likely age to have used illicit drugs within the past 30 days, and 10% admit using amphetamines at least once in the past year.

Texas ArgiLife extension is presenting the program “Watch UR BAC” on Friday October 28th at Lampasas High School at 10am to culminate Red Ribbon week at Lampasas ISD.