Monday Meetings

At yesterday’s Commissioners Court regular session, a request was granted to install a 1” water line that will cross under CR 3342 and CR 3340, and commissioners set court dates and county holidays for 2017. In an item regarding consideration of an additional holiday for the County on December 23 of this year, it was decided to leave the holiday schedule as is, with the County still working on December 23.

Regarding the auction of property located at 11678 W FM 580, the date of December 2, 2016 at 2pm was set as the auction date and time. The property is .303 acres and has a 24’x38’ building on it.

Lampasas City Council last night moved to begin their 2016-17 Capital Improvement projects into action by approving some 267,250 dollars in engineering fees for 8 different projects. The projects include design of a new bridge in Brook Park by the outdoor theatre, drainage improvements on Dent Street, East Ave. H, Mclean and in the Hillcrest Subdivision, major water line projects in several areas, particularly in the west and northwest parts of town, and some wastewater and lift station projects. All of the engineering projects were awarded to Eckermann Engineering of Lampasas.

Local members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) were present at the Council's workshop session to ask for the City's help in repair projects at the Hostess House at Hancock Park. The increasing frequency of use of the facility, along with its natural wear and aging, has brought on needs for painting, AC repair and replacement and regular maintenance. The Council appeared to be ready to spend a portion of either the Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund or some of its recent debt issuance for Capital Improvement projects on the Hostess House upkeep.

In another interesting matter, the business "pole" sign at Ave. B and N. Key belonging to Skipper and Marcia Wallace had been disapproved by the City Building Official, Bryan Ellis.

Many Lampasas drivers would have objected to the sign's placement on that corner because it obstructs the southward view of drivers approaching Key Avenue on Ave. B, but that wasn't the objection of Mr. Ellis. He pointed to the City's Sign Ordinance which points out that if a sign is grandfathered, as this sign is, the signs can't be changed. Some changes had recently been made by the owners, which, Ellis said, prohibited the sign's use without a re-permitting. But, after owner Skipper Wallace appealed to the Council that the recent change was to reinstall a sign that had actually been there years before, the Council decided it was an OK sign after all.