Ain’t Life Wonderful!

by:  Ronnie Witcher

Mostly because of the people we meet along the way…

Take the case of the current morning show on Lampasas Radio’s 101.9FM, which of course features the “Breakfast Flakes.,” (do you capitalize that?)  The “flakes” consist of an old radio person, Jana Castleberry, who turned animal and environmental activist. She broadcast on worldwide radio out of Costa Rica for some years and still does a weekly internet show – but, like a lot of Lampasas natives, came back home.

Joining Jana is the regular visit from Bobby Starr, the local artist and musician known for his quick wit, outlandish costume and his work on local murals in Lampasas.

And…there’s Henry. You may have seen him around town. Henry is actually a city boy. He’s black and sports one of those Bob Marley looking dreadlocks hairdos. Yeh…he’s pretty noticeable in Lampasas, but it goes further than that. Henry worked in Costa Rica with Jana and he’s one of those digital content tekies. When Jana contacted Henry in Ft. Worth and asked him to come down here and help us out with our tech problems, he figures, as the story goes, that to show up in a country town like Lampasas he’d need a pair of boots.

Somebody in a place called Cowboy Cool in Dallas sold him a pair of chartreuse boots, decked with Swarovski(sp?) crystals. Oh boy! Can’tchujust see him showing up at the auction barn on Wednesday and walking thru the door. Some old rancher might start at the tip of those pointy toed boots and move his eyes up…finishing with the dreadlock top. Ol’ Henry would get quite a look.

Anyway, Henry’s a great guy that should be able to improve on a lot of our digital presence, and, he and the rest of the breakfast flakes make the morning show around here lots of fun.  Tune in, you never know what’s comin’ up next.

Keep your summer clothes out, but enjoy the cool mornings when you take the dog out, and be thinkin’ about stockin’ up on wood ‘cause cold weather is just around the corner. Remember, we’re rootin’ for ya!      RW