Election Draws Near

Tuesday, October 11 is the last day to register to vote in the November Election.  

Early Voting starts on October 24th and runs thru November 4th.                                            

Regular Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th

This one could be huge in Lampasas County - or not!           

Here's the sort of thing we hear on the street...

1. Anybody but Trump!

2. Anybody but Hillary!

3. I'm ignoring the party this year and voting a split ticket.                           

4. I'm an Independent and I vote for the candidate anyway, not any political party affiliation.

5. They're both awful! I'm staying home.

In Lampasas County the only other big question is on the subject of the District Clerk's Office where the Facebook wars were raging over the weekend.

The Republican Candidate, Cody Reed, a former District Court Bailiff who filed to run as the Republican Candidate for the seat, was appointed by the District Judge to serve as the Interim District Clerk.                                                                            

Also filing to run for the office was Edith Wagner, running as an Independent - not affiliated with either political party.

Many Facebook posts were incensed because a new, frosted, sign showed up on the District Clerk's door with the seal of office and Reed's name on - in spite of the fact that Reed was only serving as an Interim Clerk until January.

This morning, we asked County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse about the frosted door window. He said that it was not a new glass, but a frosted covering with the seal of office and Reed's name on it, placed over the door glass.

He said that it was paid for by the County out of the District Clerk's budget and that it was installed, as we understood it, to prevent someone from looking through the door window at the workers inside. As to the cost, he wasn't sure but he thought it was about $60.

Editorial Opinion here... On the subject of the upcoming election and Tuesday's last day to register. Please check to see if you are eligible to vote and have your card. The old mandatory photo ID rule has now reduced to meaningless, but it's still the fastest way to get you to a voting booth. Otherwise, you still need your voter registration certificate, or one of 6 other simple forms of ID such as a birth certificate or utility bill.

Please be sure you are ready and please vote.

What it comes down to is simply whether or not you want to take part in helping decide our future, and if so, what is your best judgment.  Please vote!        Ronnie Witcher, Editor