Today is the first day of Archery Season

Get out your bows & arrows…longbows, compound bows, recurved bows, or crossbows. Today marks the first day of Archery (bow) season in Texas.  In Lampasas County, turkey and white tail are allowed to be hunted during archery season.  Texas Parks & Wildlife reminds us that archery and crossbows are lawful for non-protected nongame animals. For longbows, compound bows, or recurved bows there is no minimum draw requirement, and to be lawful, the device must allow a bow to be locked at full or partial draw. Crossbows are allowed in most counties in Texas, check with your local Texas Parks and Wildlife office for particulars.  Crossbows have to meet the following requirements to be lawful:  (1) has a minimum pull of 125 pounds (2) has a mechanical safety and (3) the stock is not less than 25 inches in length. Arrows (projectiles) may not be poisoned, drugged, or explosive.  An archery stamp endorsement is required to hunt deer during the archery-only open season.  

Archery season ends November 4, 2016, with the start of rifle season (or general season), which goes from November 5, 2016 to January 1, 2017.  And lets not forget our youth, with the early youth only season on October 29 & 30, 2016 and the late youth only season January 2-15, 2017.  And don’t forget Lampasas Radio’s Big Buck Contest at Hoffpauir Ranch & Supply on the opening morning of rifle season, November 5th 2016. Keep up with the Radiogram, and for more details…..