The Weather

Tonight: Rain chances are up to 80% and it could come with storms. It is most likely to be wet up to 4am. The low should be about 58° overnight and the wind will be S-SE at 5-15 mph and gusting. This rain could bring ½ to ¾ of an inch in the rain gauges.   

Thursday: Shower possibilities are 30%, most likely in the early morning, then it will become sunny in the afternoon with a high near 70°. The wind will shift to N-NW and get up to 20-25 mph and gusting by afternoon

The Blotter

The Lampasas Police Dept. blotter for Tuesday showed a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block of E. 1st St. at 1:20 am. Later in the morning a reckless driver was reported in the 200 block of  N. Key at 7:52 am, then a criminal trespass in the 100 block of W. 9th St at 8:23 am.

The Weather

Tonight: Cloudy and down to 67° overnight. That means 70° should be enjoyed for Tuesday evening ball games around the state this evening. The wind will be continue to be a bit much with S-SE wind at 15 mph and gusting.   

Wednesday: Here comes the one day rainy spell to Central Texas. A 40% chance of rain during the day with possible storms, otherwise mostly cloudy and up to 80° in the afternoon. The south wind will be lighter at 5-10 mph. Overnight, the rain chances are 50% and the low to 58°.